"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." 

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Imagine what your life would feel like if you woke up energized, felt and looked beautiful, and had a healthy body and mind! Attained Beauty founder Anna Marie Leith is a certified Health Coach, Author, and international model who offers one-on-one nutritional and wellness coaching for young women. 

 Through a coaching program, you will learn how to...
 • Set and achieve goals
 • Improve personal relationships 
 • Reduce food cravings and learn how to feed your body what it needs
 • Increase energy levels
 • Feel confident in your own skin  
 • Explore various exercises to help maintain a beautiful, healthy body 
 • Learn to release negativity and live with gratitude   

Now is your chance to begin a new journey towards attaining your optimal health, beauty, and lifestyle goals. Get a completely customized program that will change the way you look and feel about yourself. Have you tried all the diets, cleanses and resolutions on your own, only to be disappointed when you don't see the results you were hoping for? Well, it might be time to partner up and change that!

“Through nutritional and wellness coaching I will personally support and guide you to attain a healthy, happy life. Together, we will find your ideal combination of food, movement, and balance, and plenty of self-love. As your Health Coach, I will personally help and guide you to create your healthiest life possible where you WILL feel amazing in your own skin, eat nourishing foods, and get plenty of love and self-care. Once you start caring for yourself differently you will experience a more enjoyable career and more loving relationships with others, and most importantly with yourself."

As your Health Coach, I will motivate and help hold you accountable. Together, we’ll get clear on your goals and I’ll share practical, tangible tools and educational materials with you to help attain them - because I believe we have the power to heal ourselves, by ourselves, with the foods we eat and the lives we live.
Below is a list of coaching options I offer: 

3-Month Health, Beauty, + Wellness Package

• Two 50-minute sessions a month for 3 months
• Frequent email support in-between sessions 
• A personalized daily program to help implement your goals  
• Educational materials to guide and inspire new change and growth 
• Natural and simple beauty tips and tricks to help with self-confidence 
Looking for somewhat of a quick fix that will actually work and stick with you? This is for you who is currently on the path of self-improvement but can't quite get to where you need to be on your own. You desire more energy, confidence, beauty, and truly want to feel great about the way you look and feel. If you're looking for some guidance, true accountability, and support, then this is the package for you! After 3 months you'll be on the right path towards attaining your desired optimal health and beauty goals. Ready to get started? 

90-minute power session

A one-time 90-minute session to start your healthy lifestyle, address a specific issue, or to follow up after having completed the 3-Month Health, Beauty, and Wellness Package. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up or jump start to finish the job. 

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I love sharing my story, messages about living a healthy lifestyle, as well as my favorite beauty tips and tricks that I have learned along my journey. I can come speak to your staff, lead group discussions or conduct various types of workshops. I believe in bio-individuality, meaning what works for some people may not work for others. Whether it's a specific diet, exercise, or way of living I will always support those around me to discover what feels best for their body. 
What I like to talk about:
 • Shifting your perspective
 • Digestive health
 • Confidence and body image 
 • Living beautifully  from the inside out
 • Eating healthily and discovering what works best for your body 

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