Feb 8, 2018

How To Properly Use A Foam Roller

Rolling out your muscles can be SO beneficial in not only aiding in recovery and soreness but also helping elongate the muscles! Foam rolling is typically done after a workout, but personally, I prefer doing it beforehand or before going to sleep at night 😉

When you’re rolling out If you notice any particular spots that are tight or tender, stop on them and rest for a few breaths, then continue. This will help relax any knots in your muscles. Remember to roll the entire length of the muscle anywhere from one to ten minutes (simply depends on personal preference and how your body feels).

Below are some of my essential foam rolling positions that feel best to me!


Hamstring Muscles 

Foam Roller Foam Roller

Step 1: Find a spot on the floor where you have enough space to lay comfortably.

Step 2: Place the roller beneath one of your hamstrings (as shown above), while the other leg is at a slight bend with your foot placed on the ground.

Step 3: Prop yourself up with your hands placed behind your bum, and straighten your arms. Now the only things that should be touching the ground are your arms and the foot of the leg that isn’t on the roller.

Step 4: Now walk your hands towards the roller, that way it starts to roll up your hamstrings. Go slowly up the entire leg, repeating for a few minutes on each side (or until you feel rolled out enough) 😉



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Hip Muscles 

Foam Roller Foam Roller

Step 1: To begin, repeat steps one, two, and three in the hamstring roll above.

Step 2: Now turn your body towards one side, placing your weight on your outer thigh and hip area (as shown above)

Step 3: Using your hands and hips, push your weight into the roller as it rolls up the outside of your hip/thigh.

Step 4: Repeat slowly on both sides. Rolling continually from the outside of your knee to your hip bone.



Quad Muscles 

Foam Roller Foam Roller

Step 1: Come down to the ground, with your elbows placed on the floor.

Step 2: Place one leg on the foam roller, and one leg (or knee) on the ground.

Step 3: With your weight placed on the roller, start right above the knee, rolling all the way up to the hip area. You can use your elbows or bent knee to help support and push you forwards and backwards.

Step 4: Repeat slowly on both sides 😉


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  1. Hayley Larue

    February 14th, 2018 at 9:16 AM

    Love using a foam roller after a good work out! ,3 

  2. Saphia Louise

    April 5th, 2018 at 7:33 PM

    Foam Rollers are LIFE!
    The quad muscle stretch on the foam roller is one of my faves–I always feel like I look so funny doing it! lol.

    Thanks for sharing this with the images. I’ll definitely be doing the hip muscles stretch today after leg day.

    Faith | Travel | Lifestyle

  3. Attained Beauty

    April 6th, 2018 at 1:17 AM

    Thank you, Saphia 🙂 So glad to hear the images were helpful!

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