Nov 16, 2017

How To Workout While Traveling

I’m not going to lie, I truly don’t like to work out at the gym… In fact, I’ve probably only used my gym membership three or four times in the last year. The same goes for when I’m traveling. When I’m traveling, whether for work or pleasure, the last thing I want to do is sit in a stuffy gym full of people that seem to only be there to impress those around them. Anyone else agrees, or is this just me?

Having had the opportunity to travel around the world, I’ve discovered a way to keep up with my workouts WITHOUT going to the gym. For these exercises, I usually just lay a mat or towel on the hotel bedroom floor and it seems to do the trick! These are incredible exercises for sculpting and toning those long lean muscles.

I enjoy doing these exercises about two to four times a week, depending on my schedule. For these, I usually do about two sets of ten (about 20 reps) on each side. Although, you can totally do more or less depending on how you’re feeling! It’s also super helpful to always remember to engage the tummy. Meaning simply just pull in tight with the stomach muscles while doing the exercises to help engage the core 😉

I also LOVE to incorporate some type of stretching after each exercise, as well! This will not only help aid in recovery but also help elongate those muscles. You can read our ‘Stretching Guide For Longer Legs’ post here!


Outer Thigh Leg Lifts

Workout Workout

For these, simply lay on your side in a comfortable position on the floor. Feel free to slightly bend the bottom leg for some extra support, if needed. Keeping the top leg straight, engage the tummy and lift your leg to about a forty-five-degree angle and lower back down. Repeat on both sides.


Leg Circles 

Workout WorkoutWorkout Workout

Similar to the outer thigh leg lifts, simply make a large circle with the top leg. Remember, the bigger the circle the harder it will be. Personally, I like to keep my circle somewhat smaller that way my core is always engaged. Also, try keeping most of the movement in your leg. You don’t want you hips moving around too much!


Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

Workout WorkoutLaying in the same position as the other exercises above, imaging both legs are glued together. Then, slowly lift both together towards the ceiling. This one can be a bit tricky with the balance, so feel free to place your hand on the floor or wall for some extra support. The more familiar you become with this exercise the easier it will be overtime 😉


Bridge Butt Lifts 

Workout Workout

This is one of my FAVORITE AND MOST EFFECTIVE exercises for the butt! Lay on your back, bring your feet towards you as shown above. It’s super important to engage the tummy here too, that way this won’t get into the low back. Then, I like keeping my knees and feet pressed together as I lift my bum towards the ceiling. For this exercise, you may not feel a huge burn with only twenty reps… If that’s the case try doubling the reps. Feel free to take breaks as needed, as well!


One Leg Bridge Butt Lift

Workout Workout

This exercise is simply the same as the previous one, but the focus is now just on one side. Having one leg lifted in the air (feel free to bend the leg if it can’t quite extend straight, yet) while you lower and lift the hips. This one should definitely start to burn pretty quickly! Repeat on both sides, as well.



Tricep Dips

WorkoutWorkoutThe awesome thing about this one is that you can do it almost anywhere! Simply put most of your weight into your arms, while you then bend and straighten them. (Try holding them bent for some extra burn!)

HUGE thank you to everyone Innate Vitality (pilates studio in the pictures above) as well!! Most of these exercises are a combination of what I’ve learned while being apart of Innate Vitality this past year. They have truly helped show me what types of unique exercises are best for my body. Much love for the whole team!

I hope some of these exercises have inspired you in some way! Check out another similar post ‘here’ on working out while traveling 😉


(Photo credit: Chelsea Thompson)

  1. Elly McGuinness

    November 16th, 2017 at 9:50 PM

    Good tips????. I love hitting the local hiking trails or hiring a bike or kayak while I’m traveling!

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