Jul 3, 2017

Overcoming Jealousy and Negativity

Overcoming Jealousy and Negativity


Overcoming Jealousy… You are a unique, beautiful soul. Many times we’re so unsure of ourselves and the decisions we make. It can be difficult not to compare ourselves to others. When we do, we only deny ourselves happiness. When we second guess our decisions and compare ourselves to others around us, we start to loose trust in who we are.

Choose to see yourself in a positive way, instead of comparing and being envious of others. Comparing yourself to those around you is one way to handle jealousy, but in the end, it will not change anything. You were created the way you are, and no one person can offer the world what you have. Choose to release old judgments of yourself, as well as bitterness and envy towards others, and grow in who YOU are.


Dealing with Negativity… Have you even been around a person who always seems unhappy, and complains about everything around them? You often feel drained after being with them, and eventually, they unknowingly project these feelings of negativity and unhappiness onto you? These types of people can be very toxic to be around. They may say things like: “I hate my job”, “I want to move”, “I’m so unhappy with my body..” etc. Instead of allowing their negative mindset and energy to project onto you, think to yourself: “How can I turn these thoughts or feelings around in a positive way?”

Replacing bitter words with positive affirmations can help change your mindset and give you a new perspective. Some positive affirmations I like to say to myself are:


~ I am loved, all is well.

~ I choose happiness.

~ I accept where I am, and enjoy life today.

~ I am happy with my body.

~ I choose to fill my body with nutrients.

~ My inner world creates my outer world.

~ I am strong and courageous.


I truly believe that saying and writing down positive affirmations to yourself will help create organization and positivity in your mind, create loving relationships, and attract a new job and place to live. Get creative and make your own affirmations unique to your journey, and place them somewhere where you can see them every day and eventually your brain will start to believe what you are telling it.

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